First Log Entry

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It’s been one day since the incident. I am Alex Z. Carter, custodial associate for Triassic Encounters, Inc. As far as I know, I am the last survivor in the park. I have secured myself in the control center but am being pursued by a pack of raptors. They seem to be hunting me specifically. I will survive for as long as I can and try to send out a distress call.

I'm starting this journal on one of the terminals here. In case the worst happens and I cannot be rescued, and to give to the lawyer I'm going to hire if I ever get off of this island.

For the moment, the control center seems secure. I've checked all the security gates, and they seem to be in place and holding for now. For now, the power is still on, so the doors lock behind me when I leave the room. Which is good, but if I being honest, if the raptors are going to get in here, I don't really think they'll use the doors.

I only have full access to the control center because I'm using Parker's keycard. I took his vest when I found him outside the center yesterday, in one of the utility buggies. It looks like they got him as he was trying to start the engine. Finding him was lucky, I guess. I don't like looting coworkers bodies. And I definitely don't like seeing their bodies like that. I took the vest because it had his keycard clipped to it, and I remembered he kept a few handy things in it. There was a few band-aids and a multi-tool in it, as well as some nylon cord and a some tic-tacs. Not much. The tic-tacs are more calming than I expected. I don't know if I can wear the vest. It's not damaged, but I'd need to clean it. Hopefully I'll be rescued before I need to worry about it.

Parker was a real hard-ass, but I think I liked him better than most people did because he didn't care that I was a janitor. There were dinos and humans, and he expected the same out of all the humans and didn't give a shit if you were here making $100K as a biochemist, you had to follow the rules. When I saw him in the buggy, for a second I wished I had been there to help. But Parker could handle himself better than anyone else in the park, it was his job. I don't know what i could've done. I'd probably just be dead too. Parker would've know what do right now, at least more than I do. I wish he wasn't dead. I wish a lot of fucking people weren't dead. I don't why I'm adding this, it's not really relevant to my situation. Sorry for swearing, although I guess it doesn't matter. Never mind, I'm not fucking sorry.

I have not seen the raptors around the facility yet today, although I have heard them calling in the distance throughout the day. I'm holed up in the command room for now, so I can monitor all the camera feeds easily. One of the cameras by the main entrance is down. It could've been that way since before yesterday, but when I checked the entrance earlier, it definitely looked mangled and not just malfunctioning. Could the raptors know what the cameras are? Either way, something must have come up to the front gate and was pissed.

I need to sleep. I think I'm safe enough in here to rest for now. I don't know if I'll be able to, though.