Extremely Close Call

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Woke up a little before sunrise this morning to an alarm going off on one of the consoles. The electric fence system had automatically rebooted, apparently, but it had issues coming back online. The alarm was extremely loud, or at least it seemed that way at the time. I was worried this would attract the attention of the raptors again, I don't even really know what I thought, they definitely already know where I am. I wasn't able to immediately deactivate the alarm, but I found a operations manual binder for the system. This led me to the manual reset breakers directly outside the control center. These part of a shed on a gravel pad about 100 yards to the west of the control center. The power pylons that feed this section of the park are directly next to the gravel pad, which is connected to the control center by a walkway walled with two layers of chain link fence.

Somehow, I got in my head that I could restart the fence system properly using those breakers. I didn't love the idea of going outside, but between the chain link and the heavier perimeter fence roughly another 100 yards away (the one that's supposed to be electrified), it seemed relatively safe. I checked the coast was clear, and made it to reset breakers as quietly as I could. I damn near sprained my wrist trying to flip the breaker switches. When I reset the last breaker, I heard a huge pop and there was a flash of light as the breaker snapped off again. I returned to the command center to see check the terminal and see if I could turn on any of the fences now. I could not.

In a real moment of stupidity, I decided to head back out the the breakers, this time taking the operations manual with me. I made it about 25 yards along the path to the gravel pad before I saw two raptors inside the perimeter fence. It must of only taken a second, but I could see one of them lock eyes with me. Its feathers along its neck curled straight up like my aunt's cockatoo used to do. I fucking ran like hell and did not look back. I could hear them screaming behind me. I made it, but it felt like it took two hours to get the door open with the keycard. If I have too many more close calls like that, I'm going to die of a heart attack before the raptors can even fucking touch me. I ran back to the command center, collapsed in a chair, and I think I must have passed out. It was 10am when I came to.

Good news is that I have managed to get the long-rage radio system up and running!

I spent the rest of the morning tearing the command center apart, trying to find anything useful. Mostly what I found was a collection of the operations manual binders for the terminals in here. Not much else: some paper clips and office supplies, a box of granola bars, lots of forms. I ate a granola bar, so hopeful I won't pass out again.

Going through the manuals, I was able to figure out which terminal was connected to the two-way radio, and I think I was able to get it working. I say "I think" because mostly I heard static. I don't even know if I was broadcasting correctly. I got very excited when I did find one faint signal that I think was speaking in Spanish. I tried to broadcast on that signal, I don't remember what I said, but I was probably babbling. After a while, it became clear the voice on the signal was an automated recording.

I will need to be careful what I say over the radio. I'm pretty sure the park is still extremely secret. If I babble about dinosaurs trying to eat me, they'll think I'm some sort of joke. I wonder if there's a Spanish dictionary somewhere in here. That's probably hoping for too much.

I probably spent 4 hours trying to use the radio before I had to give up for now. I have the radio currently tuned to what I believe is the emergency channel, and I'm trying to broadcast again every hour or so. The noise of the radio static in the background is both calming and discomforting.

I spent some time with the manuals learning to control and review the camera feeds. I found the feed for the breaker pad and watched my narrow escape from this morning. Not a great feeling to watch yourself almost die on tape, looking like an idiot trying to get the damn door open. While I was fleeing, the raptor with dark feathers managed to easily jump to the top of the outer chain link fence. This is the raptor that saw me. It perched there, bending the fence down. It wasn't bothered by the razor wire on top of the fence, and it very much looked like it could've jumped across the inner fence and into the walkway below. But it didn't. It seemed, I don't know. Like it knew it wasn't worth the effort, or maybe it knew it would get tangled in the layers of fences.

The other raptor clawed and rattled the chain link fence from the ground kind of uselessly. The dark-feathered raptor hopped down and sauntered off and the other followed. The dark-feathered one definitely felt like it was in charge of the other. Disconcerting. Could they be making a plan for me? Is that paranoia? Can I be paranoid here?

I think need to review as much of this tape here as I can. At least I have something to do for now.