Starting to lose it

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Another exhausting day. I think I'm starting to lose it. I always thought it would take longer than this. It's only been a week, I think?

I just realized I'm writing this on a computer and can check what day it is. It's Tuesday. It's been 4 days. Jesus christ.

I'm still not sleeping hardly at all. For now, my command room nest seems secure enough, but I'm just not confident enough in that to let myself drift off. At least not easily.

Last night, sometime around 2am I realized the AC fans had shut off. At the time, it just seemed like an odd silence. But as I'm writing this, it's uncomfortably warm in here, probably around 78F. And it's cooled down since sunset, it was definitely in the 80s in the afternoon. It's also a bit stuffy and it doesn't smell great. I'm in the dead center of the second floor in here, so there's no windows I can crack for ventilation. That may become an issue later. I'm also worried about all these computer terminals. What would happen in one overheats? They're the only control I have over my situation right now.

I've started leaving the audio from the main gate camera/intercom playing at all times. After yesterday's violence, I'd like to have more warning when dinos are headed my way. It's not exactly a comforting noise, however. There are frequently dino trills and calls throughout the night. It's been like this in the park the entire time I've been here, and I can't tell if now the dinosaurs are noisier, or if I'm just more on edge. At 4:45am I was jarred awake by an piercing howl of a dino call. So loud I could even hear it faintly through the thick control center walls in addition to the terminal speaker. Half-asleep and panicked, I tried to flip through the camera feeds to find the source. The howl kept coming. I eventually found the feed with the dead Iguanodon I found yesterday by the exterior wall, and a lone raptor standing on top of it. (I looked up what kind of dinosaur that was. I don't know how that will help, but it seemed like a good idea.) The raptor's mouth and neck were like tilted up like a wolf as it screamed, but it would bob its head and arms wildly, shifting and warbling its cry.

The raptor stayed like that for almsot ten minutes, screaming and bobbing. Angry and still not thinking clearly, I found the loudspeaker controls and screamed back at her. I just completely unleashed, I screamed until I was hoarse, I don't know for how long. I don't think the raptor stopped at all, it seemed to make it more agitated. I must've been using the whole PA system for the park though, because suddenly a family of triceratops along the edge of the perimeter stormed in, dragging torn fence cables and supports with them. By the time I looked back to the feed with the dead iguanodon, the raptor had ran away.

I don't know what all the dinos on the island thought of my screams being broadcast into the night. I guess they all know I'm still here. I do feel a little bad for the triceratops, they didn't dod anything to me.

The camera feed was dark, but I'm pretty sure the screaming raptor was that damn green-feathered one again. I think she's trying to terrorize me. Or maybe she's claiming her territory. Is that the same thing? (I wish I had paid more attention to dino stuff now.) Maybe we both can't sleep thinking about each other.

I got up and moving around 7am. Tried the radio again. I try and broadcast on the radio everytime I enter or leave the command room now. I decided I need to scavenge more supplies from around the control center. If more rooms become cut off like the south hallway, I'm going to be less able to find things I need to survive. I put on Parker's vest. I have not cleaned it. The blood is dried now. Fuck it.

I found a TE tote bag that I can use to carry things around in, and I managed to find a few odds and ends that seemed portable and useful. Batteries. Paperclips. (I don't know, you can bend paperclips, it seemed handy at the time.) Eventualy I found myself outside of the main control center lobby. I'd avoided this place until now because it feels vulnerable as hell. 12ft ceilings, most of the walls are windows, and it has a pyramid-shaped skylight in the roof. Because I'd been avoiding it, I had completely forgotten about the vending machines. A coke machine and snack machine. Both unpowered, but pristine.

I found a fire extinguisher and smashed out the glass in the snack machine as cleanly as I could. I'm shocked I didn't cut myself. I loaded up my tote bag with snacks, trying to figure out in my head which ones were least likely to give me a stomachache. I sorta blanked out when I saw the peanuts. I like peanuts, I wouldn't say I love peanuts, but I think I just hadn't had any protein in 4 days. Anyway, I think I ate two packages of peanuts right there and had completely lost track of time or where was I was, because I was jolted back to reality by scream of approaching dinos.

A big spinosaurus (I remember this dinosaur name because it has spines) was being chased by three raptors, and it seemed like it was giving them a fair amount of trouble. Their numbers were better than against the pachys yesterday, but this fellow just seemed meaner and wilier. The spino grabbed one of the raptors by the leg with its gator-beak and flung into into the side of one the glass walls of the lobby. No cracking or shattering, just a nasty thunk, so those windows must be the same bulletproof glass. The raptor who got flung, well, it looked like it hurt a lot. The vending machines are along the far end of the lobby from the rest of the control center, by the front doors. Even if they were stuck outside, I didn't want to run across the room and have the raptors or the spino notice me, so I had tucked myself behind the busted vending machine. The spino did not go away however, and instead jumped up along on of the decorative angular beams and onto the roof of the lobby, which groaned in protest. I had a sudden flash of what was about to happen and dashed for the door, raptors be dammned. What must have been seconds later, the spino and two of the raptors came crashing through the skylight. I think one of the raptors on the floor saw me and as I opened the door and squawked with surprise, but luckily for me the spino was still hellbent on them.

The lobby is now complete chaos. Corrugated sheeting bent in, broken beams, bloody shattered glass. The raptors left almost immediately after the cave-in, deciding to flee while they could. The spino was in pretty bad shape and struggled to get out for about an hour or so, before eventually climbing back up the way it came. It seems like everyone had a bad day.

I left my tote with the snacks and the paperclips in there.

With the south hallway and the lobby now breached, about one-third of the control center is now unable to reached from the command room without entering one of the vulnerable rooms. That's the second time in two days the raptors have appeared to bring a fight with other dinos to me. They're using the big dinos to get to me. Even if this one was more three stooges and less a-team, it was still extremely effective at trashing the control center.

I've managed to find a new channel on the radio that shows some promise. I can only hear faint garbled sounds o it so far, but it definitely sounds like chatter and not merely recordings. I will continue to listen and hope someone comes close enough to hear me and repsond.